Friday, October 9, 2009

Gift card holder

Hey everybody,

Today has been very hot here in Kalgoorlie. Its been 34 degrees C. Wow!!!! whats happening to the weather I don't understand. Last evening, we had bad storms with lots of wild winds, lightening and loud thunder. No electricity for atleast half an hour.We had candle lit dinner last!
Last week this time was extremely cold, the max was only 17 degrees C. Its driving me crazy!!! I don't know if I have to put the warm clothes inside and take out  summer clothes or just leave it ATM! Tomorrow its going to be chilly with a max of 18 degrees C. I don't like it one bit. But its better than whats happening in Japan, Indonesia or in the pacific islands. I do not want earthquakes or typhoons or tsunami!!! One thing is sure, global warming is definitely happening!!!

OK, I have been busy getting my swaps done for the regionals at Perth on the 24th of October. I decided to make atleast 40 card fronts. And I must be crazy, I have done 4 designs. So 10 card fronts of each design.
I got carried away I think!. I will post the picture closer to the regional date.All the 4 designs are very unlike me but I like them.

I also went to visit my friend who recently had second set of twins. Yup, the first set is only 15 months old.The first set is one boy and one girl and the second set is fraternal twins too but both girls. So cute. So cute. I should say it twice. I started getting clucky!!!! lol!!!I can't believe myself. Just beautiful babies. I did not want to buy them clothes. Thought gift card is the best as the parents can buy what they want. So I quickly wipped up this from Nicole's blog. It was very easy to make.
Here is the gift card holder. Sorry for the bad photos. I was in a hurry.

 Since I had to make it like in 15 minutes, I did not do anything fancy but there will definitely be another one soon.Since I am going away soon, I am making another project using Kristina W's idea of a sketch book. Flying for 8 hours is boring especially in a budget airline.And I HATE FLYING because I am scared of heights. I said it OMG! So I thought I will make this book and draw sketches. I will post the pictures as soon as I finish.

School reopens on Monday! Kids are happy to go back. They had good time bush walking,swimming, scooter riding and watching two movies- "Up"! and "G force"! Liked "G force" but "Up"! was a bit irritating with the little boy talking all the time. Although all graphics and everything else were good. On the whole this school holidays were pretty good. Now in a week's time, we are off again for a month. Can't wait to see my parents and my new niece too.

OK! I am yapping too much today.I need water now. Too hot!!!!
Will not bore you anymore.
Have a great weekend.


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CreativeMe68 said...

OMG has been so long since I have been over here or even emailed you...I love what you have done here with the baby cards. Can't wait to see the swaps!!!
Have fun while you are away visiting your parents. Travel safe Luv Shaz xoxo