Thursday, April 15, 2010

What does a change of title involve?

I am thinking of changing the title of my blog!!! But more than wondering about the title itself, I am wondering about what does that involve? Changing the title on all by signatures on all forums and whatelse? Have any of you ever changed your blog title ? If so, whereelse other than on forums, have you had to change the blog title?Say if I forget to change in a few places, then does the old blog link still take you to my blog with the new title? Just wondering if its going cost me time and effort! Please let me know.
I received some new goodies yesterday from SU. Can't wait to play with them. I have two sketches to work on. Probably tomorrow I will have some free time. I have no share today. I have a card share tomorrow though. It was too late to take a photo of the card today! Getting dark very soon and moreover I am tired after a day's house cleaning. We found recently that Aditi my DD has asthma! So I had to get rid of all her stuff toys, change her flanellette sheets, steam clean her room carpets, dust.... in doing so,I thought I will as well clean the entire house. Took the entire day. Felt good internally but exhausted physically.Feeling sleepy.
Ok, I eyelids are heavy and can't wait to hit the pillow. You all have a great day!

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Amanda said...

Hi G! As far as I am aware changing the title of your blog only changes just that! The actual web address will remain the same so there will be no need to change what you have posted in forums etc ... it will all still come to the same place :-) I pop in often, but don't comment much :-( your cards are beautiful!! Hugs Star xx