Thursday, August 12, 2010

Brisbane trip (lots of photos)

Hi everybody,

 I am back from my Brisbane trip. It was a nice break from the routine and we had lots of fun. While my hubby was attending a conference, myself and my kids went shopping and later went to South Bank. Brisbane is such a lively place. We then drove to Gold Coast (an hour drive from Brisbane) to see our friend and visited Surfer's Paradise and  the Movie World for the kids. We drove to the mountains too. 3 days of actual fun and 2 days of flying, which was boring with many hours of transit and crappy food.
Here are some photos from the trip.

Waiting in the lounge for the next flight!
 Drove down in a Mercedes Benz. What an awesome car! Pure Luxury!

A beautiful church in the middle of Brisbane CBD! This is the view from the hotel we stayed in.

At the Movie World! 

With Batman in movie world! My kids did not want to take any photos with any characters! I was shocked. All they wanted to do was go on rides and eat. Guess, they are a bit old for pictures with characters.

Aditi was upset because she was not allowed to go on the roller coaster. She was about 10cms smaller. Poor girl, she was so down after that.

Siddarth at the Harry Potter shop. Both my kids love Harry Potter. We definitely want to visit Harry Potter theme park at Florida next.

Face painting cheered Aditi finally!

Yay! Murali with Austin Powers lol!
A rickshaw ride at South bank.

Inside the room. Siddarth took this photo of us. So he is missing in it!

Back from the trip into the normal routine now.Lots of house chores to do.No time to sit and craft and no mojo at the moment. Hoping I will make a start tomorrow and will have something to share. Until then...


Dana said...

I loved these photos Gayatri! You have such a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing.

AshKuku said...

Aditi looked terrific with the face painting.... Very cute & adorable..... My hubby liked that picture of your daughter too... She is really pretty & beautiful.... The last one that your kid shot looks totally PRO..... & perfect too.... God Bless your family.... Hugs))))


Amy Buchanan said...

Looks like you all had an awesome time! No wonder the stopovers on the way back were so boring for you!!!!