Thursday, January 27, 2011

Digital card!!!!

I had an entire afternoon to myself today. Kids were at home but they had their friends over for a play. So generally they kept to themselves and did not disturb me. But being a hot day, I did not feel like stamping. Moreover my stamp room gets really hot and the air conditioner does not work well in that room. So I ended up with my laptop to play with. I decided to try my hand at photoshop. The finished products is this one here :)

I download a free kit from Shabby Princess and used the digital papers and embellishments from the kit to make this card. The vintage photo of the woman is from Graphicsfairy blog. I then printed the card to see how it looks on paper. I then matted the print and mounted on the card. This is how it looks in real.

Cool!!!! I love the idea of using digital paper and embellishments. Will save on paper, stamps, glue...... but not much excitment compared to using the real thing, you know what I mean? Will certainly try more digital cards but will not print them out. Inks for the printer are expensive :(
Anyway, I then went back to using stamps, paper and ink and made couple of more cards. I will share with you tomorrow. Until then, have a nice day!



Diane Jaquay said...

Beautiful card!

Banu said...

Beautiful card.

Nerina said...

Wow Gayatri - this is a total work of art!! What a BEAUTIFUL project! (And a clever way to stay creative when you feel too wilted to stamp! :0)!