Monday, February 6, 2012


Charlie is 8 months old now. He has grown so much. He is very naughty, chewing up shoes when nobody is looking. We have lost two leather formal shoes, couple of branded sneakers and one of my leather sandals lol! Loves sprinklers. Has the most fun running from one sprinkler to another on the lawn and getting wet.Ice cubes are his favourite especially on a hot day. Follows me around the house and sits under my craft table when I craft. He chews up any little piece of paper thats falls from my table. Instant vaccum cleaner :) I am so careful about tiny stamps, inkpads and embellishments falling on the floor. I have to be super quick and get to it before him lol! The most aniticipated thing for him is his walk with his Daddy. He has so much personality and such a pleasure to have him at home. Here are some photos of Charlie.

 "Charlie pose for the photo"........ Well done boy!

 "Once again please"..... Good boy!

"Once more".... Grrr!!! He has had enough lol!

 He loves to rest his head on my lap. So cute :)

 Here he is sulking. He looks like this when we discipline him lol!

 I said Charlie smile.......... and he did this :) Hahaha!

 Hope you enjoyed some of Charlie's photos. June, these photos of Charlie are just for you :)
Thanks for visiting :)

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Laura B. said...

Oh my gosh! Adorable!

June K said...

Gayatri, Charlie is so darn cute. He is so full of expressions. I love that sulking photo. Actually he is saying "you can't punish me I'm too cute - just at my eyes." LOL. And that smiling picture cracked me up. I actually laughed out loud. Don't know how you got him to do that. Thanks for special Charlie dedication just for me :) :) :)

June K said...

That should read "just LOOK at my eyes."

Karen said...

his eyes melt my heart

Banu said...

Gayatri, He is just adorable..Thanks so much for sharing these pictures.

Marybeth said...

Oh my, Charlie is soo adorable! Enjoy all the love he will give you. Such a beauty!

Chaitali Narla said...

Those are such cute pics!! Love your blog and am your newest follower now!

Michelle said...

Gayatri, Charlie is totally GORGEOUS!! He sounds just like my Coco in behaviour - she likes chewing anything that is left on the floor also (including our good shoes). Charlie looks so sweet and his fur shines so beautifully!

Michele Gross said...

Such a handsome boy :)