Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Long post, lots of photos

Morning everybody,
Today has been exciting for me. First, the school has restarted after 20 days of easter holidays. I was so ready to send the kids back to school. I wanted to have some silent time all for myself. Secondly, I was excited to go back to gym. I had missed going to gym for 2 weeks. Just could not find the time to go. Anyway, I did go to the gym today and feeling energetic now. Finally, we had an earthquake ths morning measuring 5.2. Was loud and rattled for sometime. We rushed out and thankfully no damages to the house or us. There has been damages to one school, some hotels and to the gym as well. The Superpit (open gold mine) was evacuated. There are several aftershocks but none serious. I was scared. This is my first experience of a strong earthquake. But at the same time I am excited to see what happens. Because we are asked to shut down electricity and gas until afternoon. Apparently more is expected.

Over the weekend we drove down to a seaside town called Esperance. We visited a animal farm nearby as kids could not swim on the beach. The water was freezing. Kids were dissappointed but the farm visit saved us. Well, we too love it. Here are some photos.

They are so adorable. That scottish calf was so cute inspite of its size.We were so happy to get an opportunity to feed them, touch them and play with them. Looove animals.
Enjoy the photos and see you soon! 


Mariana said...

Cute kiddos, I am glad you are o.k. earthquakes are scary!!

AnnElise said...

Great photos! Love that fuzzy little bunny!
I'm so glad that you and your family are safe too!

Jennifer K said...

Looks like a fun place to go - that bunny is so adorable. I just want to snuggle him (or her!) :)