Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jay Gee's Nook Challenge #12

Hi everybody, 
I want to know, after you have had a break of say 4 to 5 days away from home, how do you get back into crafting mode again? Because I am so lost here. There is so many things to do at home and work and kids and puppy and husband...... I am trying to catch up and its never ending. My washing machine is a darling, it did 5 loads yesterday without complaining and 3 loads today as well. I ironed for about 3 hours and only got half done and I am exhausted :(  I decided if I keep going, then I will go crazy. So I did some craft. But to get into the craft mood was so difficult. I wasted a whole A4 white cardstock and 2 hours before I liked what I am doing :(
Anyway, I made a card today for Jay Gee's Nook Challenge #12. 
The inspirational picture is so beautiful.
Here is the photo for you.

Every little picture in the collage is inspiring :) I feel like wanting to make atleast 6 cards but when it came to actually sitting with stamp, paper and inks, I was mojoless. Like I said, after wasting one A4 white cardstock, I made this card.

 I have been itching to use Craft Meows's Life is a carnival stamp set. And when I saw the picture of the giant wheel on the collage photo, I jumped and picked the stamp set to use on the card :) I used the colors from the inspirational photo to create this card. I like the colors and the fun and cheer it brings. I can't wait for the Royal Show in Perth in October :)
  Hope you like it :) Thanks for the challenge. If you like to play along, then here is the link

Oh! did I mention, I won the last challenge at Jay Gee's Nook. My card here was also mentioned at the Embellish Challenge. I am so thrilled. Thanks so much and I am so honoured :)
OK! got to go now, I have been writing this post for past one hour with multiple disturbances. So you all have a great day and I will catch you soon :)

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Monday, September 26, 2011

PTI September blog hop

Hello everybody,
Here I am with a few cards for PTI's blog hop this month :)
This month again there is a inspirational photo. This photo is interesting.

Stripes!!! I think Stripes is the trend at the moment :)  There are a few stripes challenges.
Anyway, I pulled out PTI's Distressed Stripes and played with it. Here are a few cards I made using the inspiratioanl photo.


I picked the colors and stripes from the photo and used them to make the cards. It was kind of difficult to just focus on stripes and nothingelse I ended making clean and simple cards. I had made them a few days ago and  at that time I was not too thrilled with them. But looking at them now, I like them all :) A few days of holidays and perspective changes lol! Been to a small coastal town called Albany. Was a nice break but 10 hours drive one way is exhausting! Still recovering from it :( Will have a few pictures of the trip in my ext post.

Thanks for stopping by and happy hopping !

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Monday, September 19, 2011

CAS thank you cards and picture of dust storm

Just a quick post to share some thank you cards I recently made.

All products used are from Papertrey Ink except the inks which are from Stampin' Up!
A bit busy with clean up after a freak dust storm, gusty wind followed by rain! It was like from a Harry Potter movie except there was no dementors lol! The temperature dropped all of a sudden, then on the horizon there was this huge red cloud approaching and we duck inside the house. The wind pick up in velocity, then came the dust and it was red throughout from sky to earth... Our trampoline flew into our neighbours fence and wind was so wild and lasted for about 30 minutes followed  by rain :(
Now I have to clean everything in the alfreso, garden..... Its dust everywhere and I have lot of work to do.So got to go now. Here are a few pictures of the dust storm

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a great day and see ya soon :)


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Friday, September 16, 2011

Couple of wedding cards

Hello everybody, Its been very busy for past two days and just got some time to browse. I missed PTI's release yesterday and my lovely friend, Louise ordered my list to her order. Thanks Louise. So sweet of you :)

Another friend of mine requested me to make a wedding card for her friend's wedding tomorrow and here is what I came up with.

Not one but two cards :)

Aren't they elegant? I love both the cards. It turned out so well for the time I had to make them. Love the pattern paper. They are from Stampin' Up! 
I have used a combination of products from Papertrey Ink, MFT, Craft Meows, Prima Marketing and Kaisercraft. Flowers from Prima Marketing, rhinestones from Kaisercraft, Sentiments from Papertrey Ink and Craft Meows, flower stamp from Craft Meows, cardstock from Papertrey Ink, pattern paper and satin ribbon from Stampin' Up!, dies from Papertrey Ink and MFT.

I so so looking forward for the weekend! Hoping it will be relaxed :)
Thanks for stopping by and you have a great weekend too.

See ya soon!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pink, Black and Grey.....

I made a  card using Bright Pink, Black and Grey colors. They are the colors on the lastest CR84FN challenge #38

Here is my take on the colors :)

PTI's Bloom Builder #3 die arrived last week and I was itching to use it. I should admit it took me a while to find the perfect sandwich and get a clean cut. I had to add te metal shim and a cardstock to get a clean cut die. I did waste a few pieces of caardstock but finally got it :)
I have embossed the black cardstock using Craft Concept embossing folder. The sentiment is from Papertrey Ink and brads from Stampin' Up!
The card is BOLD and makes a statement I think! Love the colors together:)
Thanks for the challenge and thanks for stopping by!
See ya soon....

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Garden Glory....

Garden Glory is this week's Tuesday Trigger Challenge.Here is the challenge photo for you.

I was inspired by the design on the chair, the large flower on the cushion and a lot of white. I wanted to use these as inspiration on my card.

All products used on my card are from Papertrey Ink except the rhinestones and copics to color the flower and leaves. Inks are from Stampin' Up!
I have combines 4 different stamp set on this card-Mums, Modern Basics, Retro background stamps and Big Bold Wishes.
I have taken the photo during the night time as you can see the shadow. Not very happy about it. I will try and see if I can take another photo during the day and replace this one :) Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend :)

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Modern Stripe card

Morning everybody, I am feeling so much better. No more aches and pains, just cough and itchy throat. I picked up the parcel from the post office yesterday and I was already feeling so much better lol! Came home and assembled the stamps. BTW, the parcel was my last month release order from Papertrey Ink.I packed Karen's items to post and then assembled a few stamp sets. I had bought Modern Basics Stamp and could not wait to ink it.Here is the card I made using the stamp set.

The sentiment is from Harvest Berries also from Papertrey Ink. Cardstocks and inks from Stampin Up! and the rhinestones from Kaisercraft. I have created a striped background using Modern Basic stamp set which is a non-background stamp.

I am submitting this card of mine for two challenges. One is Make It Monday Challenge-Creating background using non-background stamps from Papertrey Ink and the second is for Embellish Challenge-Stripe Color Challenge. Here is the link to both the challenge if you like to play along:)

Hope you like the card :) Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great day!
See ya soon...

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Clean and Simple Thank you

Hi everybody, I am sick today :( Persistant cough and severe body aches and pains.  I am still in bed but cannot sleep. A bit restless and so I wanted to write this post. I made this card yesterday for another customer. I used Jay Gee's Nook challenge colors to make this card. Here is the link to the challenge if you wish to play.

Jay Gee's Nook challenge #11

I loved the circles with the flower picture in the middle of the collage and wanted to recreate it on my card. Here is what I came up with


I have used cardstocks, stamps and inks from papertrey Ink and Stampin' Up! The flower image is using Kaisercraft's stamps (Miss Nelly Collection).
Hope you like my clean and simple thank you card.
I so want to get better soon. I hate not able to do anything and lying in bed :(
And I have a parcel waiting for me at the postoffice. I have taken pain relievers to relieve my body aches and pains, so I can drive in couple of hours to pick up my parcel. Been waiting for a very very long time for the parcel to arrive. Can't wait to see my new goodies :)
So see ya soon with more shares. Until then, have a great day!


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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Birthday Invitations....

I made a few birthday invitations for my DD's birthday party. This year she does not want a party so we used the chance to invite family friends and socialise. So I don't have a big gang of girls screaming and shrieking away Sigh! Its still a birthday party but more family oriented.We decided to invite just 5 families and hence I have to make only 5 invites and loot bags. One invite I had already given before I took the photographs Here are the rest of the four invites


I have used PTI seed packet dies to make my invites.I then used Year of flowers stamps and copics to dress them up. Here is the invite inside the seed packet.

The invite is printed using MS word and whole invitation is so cute. I love this idea. All supplies used are from Papertrey Ink except the copics. Hope you like it :)

Now I have get the loot bags done, plan the menu and get organised for Sunday. But I am not feeling well today. Throat is itchy and am starting to cough and boy is aching. I don't want to fall sick again. Will have to wait and see though!!!
Have a great week! See ya soon...

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fall thank you card

I have been making so many thank you cards. I am clearing all my SU stamp sets and dies, I make and send a thank you card to each and every customer who buys from me. I love making cards and handmade thank you card gives that personal touch. I have not been able to photograph all the thank you cards I make, but I try my best to remember to photograph as many as I can. Here is one of them

All supplies are from Papertrey Ink except the inks which are from SU.
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great evening!

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Charlie and shoes...

It rained yesterday or I should say we had freaky storms. Before the patio got soaking wet, I brought some of our shoes inside the house. Charlie was thrilled! He loves shoes. I took a series of photos of his reactions to shoes and my interpretation of what he maybe thinking lol!

Charlie thinks " Yes! this is a good spot for me".

Aaaa! its so comfy and Sid's shoe is a good  place to rest my nose :)

 Comfy and now I am feeling sleepy....

Its more warm inside the Sid's shoes....

Look! what I found inside the shoes? SOCKS to chew, Yay!

What? Mom does not want me to chew on it? Not fair! I found it and its mine to chew.

After this photo I have to run after him to get the socks off him lol! He got a bit grumpy but loved his treat more than the sock. We are having so much fun with him. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed the photos and my interpretation :)
See ya soon!

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