Monday, January 4, 2016

Pretty Pink Posh design team!

Hello everyone! 

Welcome back, I have yet another exciting news. I will be continue to be part of Pretty Pink Posh design team. Yay! This is another company I love to work with. Paulina is awesome. She is a complete package -  enthusiastic, organised, approachable, great designs, generous and everything you can ask for. So very grateful to be part of her team. Thank you for having me, Paulina!

We welcome two new talented designers - Heather Hoffman (Yay! another team we are working together! ) and Liz Sarkisyan! So happy to be working with them. Please leaves some love for them on their blogs.

Paulina is having a matching game on her blog for you to play. Basically, this is the collage of the work of the design team. All you need to do is to match the designer to the their work in the collage below.

One correctly guessed person will win $100 Pretty Pink Posh gift certificate. WOW! How generous is that?  Would you like a hint from me?.......To get the correct answer, you will have to go back to school and start learning alphabets! ;)

Head over to Pretty Pink Posh Blog and leave you correct answer in the comments before 9th of January. You can also find all the details on the blog.

Thanks for stopping by my blog again today!

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Lisa Elton said...

So happy to be designing with you again Gayatri!!