Sunday, October 9, 2011

Some new photos of Charlie :)

This little fella is 17 weeks old. He is in his adolescence stage now. Absolutely adorable, naughty, nibbles our toes and fingers, sulks when ignored, very playful, loves to sit on my lap when I sit down. does not like me using my laptop and always sits between me and my laptop lol!, loves eating anything from his own food to mulch from the garden...... Here are a fews photo of him I took today. 

Enjoy and see ya soon!


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June K said...

I Love the photos of Charlie (the grass in his mouth is precious). He seems to look right at you when you take his picture. Looks like he is a very good model. My gosh he has grown a lot. Thanks for sharing.

Arlene said...

Charlie is so gorgeous! :) He's gotten so big...looks like he is posing purposely! Too cute.

Kara said...

he's so cute!! love the piece of evidence sticking out of his mouth;)!

Stephanie said...

Such a cutie!!!

Tejal said...

The furball is grown so big!!! and he sure does love posing for photos!! gorgeous boy!!