Tuesday, December 29, 2009

CD calendar

Hi everybody, 
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and getting back into regular day to day routine. You know what, I am waiting for my parcels to arrive. I can't wait for my postie to ring my door bell.I really enjoyed shopping online especially the boxing day sales and bought heaps of stuff. I am excited to receive them all, especially my clothes and scrapping stuff. then of course my vertical freezer and the Guinea pigs cage. Hope they arrive before the New Year Holidays.Fingers crossed!

In the mean while, I started makiing New Year gifts. its CD calendars. 
Here are the pictures


Templates are available online. Just do a google search and you will get it. I choose cardstock colors based on the seasons and printed the calender on them accordingly. I then decorated the top portion using SU products and put them inside the CD plastic cover.
When you want to use it, just open the box, remove one side of the CD box, flip it over and attach it. Then slide the calendar card for each month on it. Leave the rest of the cards on the box behind. Its an awesome New Year gift. Simple and easy to make and importantly functional too.
I have 3 more to make. It will all be different designs and I will definitely show all of them when I finish.
 I am melting today. The temperature today is 42 degree celcius and windy. Extreme UV and catastrophic fire danger warnings issued. Hope there are no bushfires this season.
I got to drink some cold water. Its hot over my throat and eyes are burning.
Hope my postie brings my parcels too!
You all have a great day

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