Friday, December 11, 2009

I am a proud mother.

Morning everybody,

I am a proud mother. Proud of my son Siddarth who won the Academic Achievement Award for his year last night at the school concert.He has done very well this year and all his hard work has paid off with a trophy for his guitar and award for academic achievement. Well done mate. We are proud of you.

Now after all that, Aditi, my DD is heavily blowing steam through both her ears. She was upset that the junior primary does not get any awards. She wants to jump to senior primary as soon as possible. lol!!! Not that she is not good, its just that she is little. Has to wait for another couple of years.Poor thing! But her concert was fantastic.She enjoyed it throughly, singing and dancing. Typical girl! The school concert was called The Musical Memories. Kids from each year danced to popular musicals. Aditi's year danced to "Lion King" and Siddarth's year danced to "Cats" The performance was brillant. Which kid would not like to dance and sing? Great theme choice.

Here are some photos




Fantastic costumes and great effort from the teachers and students as well. Can't believe the year is ending soon. One and half months of school holidays!!! Gosh, I have to plan for the holidays.

And oh! I could not curl my hair. I had too many interruptions. First, the delivery man with my IKEA stuff arrived, then came the plumber, then my husband for lunch and time to pick the kids from school.I started on my rightside and just got the trick right and came the doorbell. So frustrating!!! So I gave up curling. Its a time consuming process. But did straighten my hair. Maybe next time. I still have to get the trick right and be quick.
I currently have the Remington hair straightner. Wish I had GHD. Its too expensive.The saloons here sell for $320 which is too expensive compared to the prices in the east or even on the GHD website. So next time I go to Perth or to the east I will have to look for it.

I have some handmade Christmas gifts to show. Maybe in the second post later today. I have 4 pieces of IKEA furnitures to assemble.See you all later today.

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