Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hello everybody,

I have not been feeling very well for past few days. Just very sad about a few family things. Almost got sucked into it. But I am not letting it happen. Craft is one of a few things that is therapeutic. So I made a few craft things to keep me sane.
But firstly, I want to share a prize I won from Catherine Côté and Geneviève Caissiée of http://www.cardalacarte.com for signing up with their newsletter. Their blog is awesome and love all their projects. Their tips are fantastic. So sign up for their newsletter.And here is what they sent me all the way from Canada!

Its a Cute'n Cubby made using scalloped square die and fabric. Awesome. It carries all my trendy tubes with button in them at the moment. I still have to figure out and what I want to go into them. It folds flat when not in use. Love it to bits. Thanks guys. Its beautiful :)

Here is what I have been doing over the weekend. Remember I had a post about making a birthday package for a client! I had delivered all the invitations last week and this weekend I made all the 60 favour boxes and place cards. Here they are almost ready to be neatly packed into two boxes.

Don't they look beautiful? My client will fill a clear bag with some cookies and tie it up with gray ribbon and put it in the box. She is very happy with it and so am I :)

I also made some invitations for Aditi's birthday party. Got to do some editing and will share them with you tomorrow. Time now to get the kids from school. Have a great day everybody!


Diane Jaquay said...

These are beautiful and will make such a nice presentation! Congrats on the prize win!

Noora said...

Beautiful favor boxes, glad that you didn't let yourself get sucked into the stresses of life! way to go!

AshKuku said...

Loved the goody u received.... Awesome collection with yummy colors.... 'Butt-On' darling!!!! & the treat box is a celebration for sure.... Very beautiful & perfect thank yous..... God Bless!!!!


Mariana said...

WOW what a great prize! Those favor boxes are adorable!! Great job!

Christine Henderson said...

Your boxes are gorgeous...love the colour combo! What an amazing effort to make so many in one go!

Banu said...

Congrats....and those goody boxes turned out perfect.