Saturday, August 13, 2011

I have been punching...

Yeah! I have been punching a lot of butterflies. Been busy making these punched butterfly frames for the school fete.

I bought these frames from Crazy Clarks because they are beautifully glossy white. I also like the double matt but I still had to take out the glass as I had the butterflies mounted on the foam. Isn't it beautiful? I am on a roll to make these frames. After I took these photo, I had the time to make one more which I will share tomorrow :) I have got a few more ideas in my mind for the school fete. Hopefully I will get them done tomorrow.
I am enjoying a beautiful sunny Saturday today. All my washings are done, dried and folded. Tomorrow is predicted to rain. So getting maximum done today. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Have fun and see you soon :)

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Hussena said...

really liked ur idea for the frame those butterflies look just beautiful.

Karen said...

Oh my lordy me Gayatri - I am LOVING these! I'm gonna go and see if our crazy clarks has some of those frames! They will be HOT sellers I'm sure!

Hey I just sent you 2 Pm's over at PTI. Did you get them? Let me know anyways!