Sunday, August 28, 2011

Made coasters....

Yeah, I made some coasters using PTI's coasters, mod podge and pattern paper.

PTI coasters come in a pack of 25 for $1. They are thin to use just one of them for a coaster. I have glued 5 of the PTI coasters to make one table coaster. Then cut Kaisercraft Miss Nelli Collection paper to the coaster size and glued the pattern paper using mod podge. I made sure I wiped out all the bubbles off. Then I coated another layer of mod podge over the  pattern paper and let it dry. To the bottom of the coaster I have attached surface protecters.
Hope you like them :) These are for school fete. I have more of these to make. Will share when I complete them.
Been busy with Eisteddfod. Both Sid and Aditi won many many certificates. Aditi won the outstanding piano player. Sid won first in Jazz. Aditi won first in vocal character solo, duet,popular solo and group vocal. They did very well and are very happy. I am proud but exhausted. Got to go to work tomorrow morning :( Hopefully things will slow down a bit. But now I want to sleep. 
Good night!

P.S: forgive me for my typo. I am very exhausted.

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June K. said...

These coasters are so pretty and colorful. Never thought of gluing 5 coasters together.

June K. said...

Oh and congrats to your children on their achievements.

Banu said...

Gayatri, these turned out adorable. What a great idea. TFS. Congrats to your kids on their achievements. Awesome. Would be nice to hear them sing.

carol (krillsister) said...

The coasters are beautiful. Love your choice of pattern paper. You have been busy making so many lovely things for the school's affair.
Congrats to your children's achievements. You must be proud.

Jay Gee said...

The coasters are a fabulous idea and look amazing. Well done to your children for their outstanding results :)

Jen said...

What wonderful coasters. It never dawned on me to actually make coasters out of coasters! Doh! ;-) They are so very pretty.

Congrats on all the cool achievements your kids are making. What's the saying?...The apple doesn't fall far from the tree? Well done mumma bear. Hugs.