Tuesday, July 7, 2009

For a change.....

Hey everybody,

Today I thought for a change I will post something totally different. No cards, No scrapbooking, No kits, No challenges, No advertisements.....

I am going to post a recipe. Yes! This is a favourite at my home. We are vegetarians and we rely of lentils and pulses for Protein. This recipe is something we make often at home and it goes very well with rice or chapathi or even bread.

Its called CHANNA MASALA. There are a variety of ways to make it but this is how I make it. The best part is you do not have to visit an Indian Shop to buy any of the ingredients. Its all available in Coles or Woolworths. So here is the recipe

Ingredients: (6 serves)

2 x tins of Chickpeas (Chickpeas = Channa)

1 x big onion

2 x tin diced tomatoes ( or you could use 4 to 5 fresh tomatoes or even tomato paste)

1 inch piece of fresh ginger

2 cloves of garlic

1 bunch of coriander leaves

2 table spoons of coriander powder

1 table spoon of cumin seeds and aniseeds each

2 table spoons of chilli powder (if you are not into hot and spicey then you can reduce the amount to 1 tablespoon or even half a tablespoon of chilli powder or try paprika instead)

4 x cloves

1 inch piece of cinnamon stick

3 cloves of cardamon

Couple of bay leaves and star aniseed.

2 -3 table spoon of sunflower oil or 50g of butter (its up to you, I go with the oil)

Salt to taste


1. Chop the onions into slices and fry lightly with aniseeds with one teaspoon of oil. This brings out the flavour of onions and aniseeds.

2. Now grind this along with the diced tomatoes, ginger, 3/4th bunch of coriander, coriander powder, cumin seeds, cloves, cardamon and chilli powder into a smooth paste without adding water. I grind it into smooth paste because my kids are fussy about chicky pieces of tomatoes and onions. If you like it cuncky then its fine.

3. Now use a heavy bottom vessel over medium heat and add the oil and when hot, add bay leaves, star aniseed and cinnamon. when you start to get their flavour (almost 1 minute), add the paste and fry them till it looses all the moisture and oozes out the oil. Keep stiring. This will take about 15 minutes.

4. While thats happening. open the tins of chickpeas. drain them from the water but keep the water for the broth.

5. Once the paste is fried and you start to see that the oil out, add the chick peas and stir. then slowly add the water and keeps stiring. Now check for the salt. The tinned chickpeas is salted and the water too. So add salt accordingly. You will need about half a tablespoon of salt as we have added the spice. But see how you go.You could add a cup or stock/water as well on top of the water from the chickpeas tin.

6. Now turn the heat to low and let it simmer for about 15 minutes till the gravy is thick, Turn the heat off and add the rest of the finely chopped coriander leaves.

Thats it. Yum! the Channa Masala is ready. You can serve it with fresh toasted bread, some finely chopped onions and tomates on top and a squeeze of lemon.

Or you can serve it with hot basmati rice(available in Coles and Woolworths)

Or with hot naan or chapathi (also available in Coles and Woolworths)

I hope you make it and enjoy it.

I am taking some 5 kids to see "Ice Age 3" today. Wish me all the best.

See you later


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Sue M said...

Mmmmm I can almost smell that - sound delicious!
We're planning a visit to the cinema to see Ice Age 3 next week. Hope you enjoyed it and that the 5 kids loved it! Cheers, Sue