Friday, December 18, 2009

School Holidays started

Yes, from today until end of January 2010. I slept in today. Feels nice.Siddarth and Aditi are watching ABC3. I am a bit annoyed at the ABC3 launch. My husband and myself decided against foxtel at home to avoid the 24/7 channels especially the cartoon network (and of course the cricket). I was sure my kids will start to manuplate us into watching CN all the time. Now, we have this ABC3 as free to air kids channel. I have put a timetable of times when they can watch based on what programs they like to watch. I am going to be strict with it and fingers crossed, it should work. I would rather they go out and play than sit with the TV. Next they will want to play Nintendo DS, then Wii and thats it the whole day is lost. I hate kids playing video games all the time. Its become a huge trend. Call friends over for play and then they sit in different rooms and do picture chat on Nintendo DS. Thats a big No No at my home. I have told all my kid's friends, that they should not bring their DS when they come to play with Siddarth and Aditi. They are allowed to bring a scooter or bicycle. They are happy with it and actually enjoy riding bicycle and scooter.

Let me stop boring you all. I am sure many of you have the same opinion or maybe a different opinion.
I made my last set Christmas card for this year. I think I have covered everyone. Anyway, I am done. I want to make something totally different. I will have to surf through and see if I can find something interesting.
But here are the cards.





I love Holiday Lineup from Stampin' Up!. I love coloring them. Great fun.
I have also added glitter on them for the festive feel.
Hope you all have a great holiday. if you are driving, drive carefully, eat food thats cooked well, keep watch over children all times and have fun.

See you soon


Nikki Love said...

gorgeous cards, Gayatri!!!!! lovin' every single one of them :)

Sue M said...

They're gorgeous Gayatri. Super super love that one with the stripy ribbon.