Sunday, January 3, 2010

Campin at lake Ballard- Lots of pictures

Hi everybody,

I had been to a salt lake near my town called Lake Ballard. Its a huge salt lake and this is the first time in 3 years of my living in this town, I went to see this lake. Western Australian outback is very rugged and huge. We also wanted to camping that evening as it was a full moon day. My first time camping but I was ok with it. Why? because it was an overnight camping. I packed food, took some extra clothing, some toilet papers and hand showel etc, apart from tents and sleeping bags 9that was my husband'sresponsibility lol!). We had a friend come along too as he had the 4 wheel drive. The road for 51kms is a dirt road. We did not want to drive with our Toyota Corolla and end up with flat tyres!There is no phone coverage too!
Anyway, All set ready and off we went.
Here are some pictures



There are some iron sculptures around the lake. Here in the above picture, Aditi is comparing her hand with that of the sculpture! Which one of them has the skinnest hands? lol!

3 skinny sculptures!





This is the night shot of the full moon. It was awesome to see the full moon rise. I haven't see such big orange moon in my life. Also it was also very romantic to sit with my husband in a serene environment under the full moon (kids sleeping inside the tent). Wow!




  The moon in the morning at 5.00am. I loved camping until it started to become windy by midnight and the sound of the wind was scary!.I just could not sleep. I was scared that the tent is going to collaspe. I kept waking my husband and wanting to move into the! It did not happen!
We came back after sunrise, very exhausted. I slept for 3 hours later at home in my comfy bed. Kids loved camping. They slept peacefully too. So did my husband and the friend. They seemed to have enjoyed it. Apparently they did not hear the wind at all! Whatever, it maybe, camping is not for me. I need my comfy bed, no scary winds and toilet.I told them they can go by themselves next time or pitch a tent in out backyard and sleep there.

Thanks for reading my rambling. See you soon
Have a great weekend

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chrisw said...

Beautiful pics Gayatri,missing you honey!!