Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some organisation tips

Here is how I organised yesterday's card along with the recipe and the inspirational photo.First I printed off the recipe and inspirational photo of the challenge. I then printed out a mini file folder to put the card, the recipe and the photo in it. Then made a magazine holder to put the file folder in.I did not decorate or label the magazine holder yet!  Here are the pictures.

I will keep adding lots of  file folders with challenges and the cards I made for the challenges in the magazine holder.I think each magazine holder will hold three to four file folder. I will have to just label the magazine holder and thats it. Ok, I have some work to do. I will be having guests at home for dinner. I have to make some preparations for having guests at home. My husband has set up a screen and projector in the undercover area to play Wii in the evening with the guests. So its going to be a fun evening! Kids are excited and driving me crazy! I have to go now!

Have a great day. See you soon.


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