Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Still on purple valentine

Hello everybody,

How are you all doing? I am fine still baking though! 43 degree celcius today and to continue until Sunday. Thanks to the person who invented Air Con. Without which it will be difficult for us to live at the moment.The reason, I could not do another post yesterday was I was exhausted because of the heat.This post is going to be a short one because my laptop is heating up real quick due to the weather. Don't want my laptop to break down.So here is the coordinating bag of chocolates for the purple valentine card.


I am basically recycling the bag. I don't remember what was inside the bag! But I knew I should keep it. I have a collection of these awesome packaging bags and boxes which could be recycled.
There are some Cadbury Rose chocolates inside the bag.Yummy!

I have used both SU and PTI products to make these.
Now if any of you want to order SU products from me, please email me. There is a sale coming up from January 15th onwards. But at the moment there is an clearance sale. Check out the link here. Some of them are less than half price. Check it out and place an order.

See you soon. Have a great day

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