Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fun with butterfly punch

Yesterday was a hot day. but today is better. So far its been nice outside. A day to go out. So I am outdoors today. Cycyling with my daughter and son. Shopping for school shoes on the agenda! And probably gardening too.
I had great fun yesterday with my butterfly punch. I made a card set and a set of 3 frames. My daughter helped me too. She wanted to "help" always but just that she cannot sit for more than 10 minutes doing some craft work. Since this was simple and butterlfy was the theme, she sat making all of them.
Here are the pictures


 So cute isn't it? I have been seeing such frames and cards on the galleries, for a while now. I really really liked them a lot. I so wanted to make them myself. I have them now. These frames are great gifts for girls as room decor.I bought the frame set from Target on sale for $5

I have some challenges to do. But I will do them only tomorrow. Today off shopping for school shoes. Oh! I also remembered I need to cover all the exercise books for both the kids. Gosh that a big job to do!
See you for now. Have a great weekend!

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Lisa K said...

They look great Gayatri - love the brights against the white...