Monday, December 6, 2010

Thank You Gift Hamper!

OK, finally I have put together the gift hampers for the teachers. I thought I will get it covered by clear plastic paper but I just could not get hold of them in my town!Grrrr!!! Instead I have opaque metallic silver wrapping paper. So I took a picture of the hampers before I wrap it. Here are the hampers

Hamper #1

This hamper is for my DD Aditi's class teacher. There is a recipe box,a pen, a set of Christmas cards, coordinating tags, and a CD 2011 calendar.
Hamper #2

This one is for my DS Siddarth's class teacher. This hamper also contains the same things but just the colors are different.
Here are both the gift hampers.

And here are the thank you cards for the teacher. 

Kids will write their thank you speech inside and we as parents will have a printed one stuck inside too.
what a relief! I have completed it and all ready to go....
Now I have to pack a few more cards and tags for the librarians who kindly let me use the library for my craft class. I did not want to have a very long post, so I have schedule another post for today sharing another set of Christmas tags and cards for the librarians :)  So please do visit after couple of hours again :)

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Ash said...

It is a bumper hamper!!!! Sure to be treasured for life.... Hugs)))


Stephanie said...

These are simply gorgeous, Gayatri! I'm sure they will just love, love, love them!

Robin said...

These are great! I hadn't thought of including tags as teacher gifts. Thanks for the inspiration!

Sue Plote said...

Gayatri - What an awesome job you have done with these gifts. The teachers are indeed lucky! You used awesome colors, and what a great idea to give tags!

Kim O'Connell said...

Gayatri, these are beautiful gifts for the lucky teachers who will recieve them! Handmade gifts are so much better than what they typically receive!

Angy said...

Gayatri, these are fabulous! I love the recipe hampers and the thank you cards are quite striking.